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Meeting re: Rose Murphy Price

“My sister was murdered by her abusive asshole husband. I want him dead in a way that can’t be traced back to me or my brothers. We were told you have some experience with ah, legal situations such as ours.”

Michael Hammersmith, founder and principal attorney for Extreme Arbitration, looked his new client over carefully. Nora Murphy Reagan was in her mid thirties, attractive in a professional business way, and dressed like the bank middle manager she was. Her appearance promised competence.

Her eyes, however, promised violence. Eyes as green as the Emerald Isle glittered with hard edges.

“You said your sister Rose’s husband, Jason Price, abused her for several years, but she refused to leave him.”

Nora nodded. “My brothers, Ian and Ryan, beat him brooly two different times after he put Rose in the hospital, once last year and once the year before that. That’s why you have to make sure nothing leads back to them.” She gave Hammersmith a lopsided smile. “I half think the bastard enjoyed getting tuned up. I know my brothers enjoyed their part. Just wish they’d taken him around the bend when they had the chance. Rose would still be with us.”

She looked off into the distance and spoke softly. “God knows if my brothers had found about her miscarriage from a beating last year they would have killed him for sure, and be in prison today.” She snapped back to the present and focused on the lawyer. “We share everything, but you mustn’t share that. It would kill them.”